Interesting Facts To Know Before You Visit Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is the newest destination for a wonderful vacation and the destination occupies beautiful beaches. Its exquisiteness is mesmerized through the scenic beauty and wildlife preserve. Enjoy water adventures such as fishing charters and dolphin cruises. Explore pleasant time with paved bike trails as well as superlative Golf. Incredible beaches along with world-class golf courses make Hilton Head Island a perfect place for an enjoyable vacation.

Interesting Facts 

Here are some interesting facts that will surely impress you and catch your breath for this island:

Hilton Head is around 5 miles wide as well as it is 12 miles long. This place has 60 miles of bicycle trails. Hence, rent a bicycle to explore the hidden beauty of the island.

Savannah Hilton Head International Airport is the closest major airport to Hilton Head. The airport is situated in Savannah, Georgia. It is only 45 minutes’ drive to reach Hilton Head Island. When you are at this airport, one can make use of ground transportation methods to reach this destination. You can take the shuttle service and a ride starts at 10:00 AM. In fact, travelers can also check the visitor centers at this airport to call for cabs.

The shape of the island is like a foot. Sometimes, people refer to the shape of the island as ankle, toe, and heel.

You will not have any neon sign on Hilton Head Island. This island believes in to live in harmony with nature. So, you will find only natural and neutral colors and therefore, no blinking neon.

At this island, Gullah Culture is developed. The destination has fascinated culture and delicious local food.

The Harbour Town has a red and white striped lighthouse but this lighthouse has never been functional. It was built as a tourist attraction and a gift shop. Later, this lighthouse has become an iconic symbol of this island.

Beautiful sandy beaches are the house of endangered loggerhead turtles. Spotting one will surely mesmerize you. The adult one weight around 400 lb and they can live for more than 100 years. To protect this endangered species, Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project is introduced. The staff patrols early morning on the beaches especially during the nesting season. During nesting as well as hatching season, houses present on the beaches turn off their outdoor lights. The darkness aids the turtles for navigation. The nesting and hatching season starts in May and ends in the month of October.

Birdwatchers will fall in love for sure with Hilton Head Island. The protected wetlands are a house to amazing birds such as sandpipers, pelicans, wood storks, bald eagles and so on. Around 200 species flock come here every year. Just imagine the mesmerizing view you will experience watching them together.

However, it is suggested to every traveler to reach the airport at least one and a half hours before your scheduled flight. This time will give you enough time to clear the security, checking the luggage, check-in and so on.

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