What Are The Reasons Leading To Rejection of Travel Insurance Claims?

Consider this. You’ve just returned from a vacation and filed a travel insurance claim, but it gets rejected. Now, that is certainly a bolt from the blue, and not a pleasant one at that. After all, when you purchase a travel insurance policy, you do it with the hope that you’d be financially covered over the course of the trip.

That being said, you certainly are eligible to probe into the set of possible reasons behind such a rejection. Being pre-emptive on this front can eventually prep you, thereby bettering likelihood of your travel insurance claim getting the nod next time. Read on:

Skipping the policy document

Reading the policy document thoroughly is of the essence. That’s because only then would you be able to know the terms and conditions better, while staying on top of policy inclusions and exclusions at the same time.

This way, you’d know the exact cover that you have opted for, and in accordance with it, invest in an appropriate travel insurance plan.

Not furnishing accurate information (medical history)

Contrary to what one might believe, not drawing a true picture – in terms of sharing genuine medical conditions and past records with the insurer – certainly doesn’t lead to reduced premiums. While investing in a travel insurance policy- irrespective of whether it is an international or a domestic travel insurance plan – it is imperative that you have your medical history correctly documented in order to get the adequate level of coverage, in keeping with your requirements.

Not furnishing all relevant bills

Your travel insurance claim can be rejected for a reason as trivial as not carrying every relevant bill issued by the respective healthcare provider. Make sure that you have every receipt – that the hospital ever issued – on you, categorically stating values of different services that you had availed.

Not being up to date with policy exclusions

Letting your hair down while on a vacation is normal. However, travel insurance providers would be apprehensive about accepting your claim should they have reason to believe that you were inebriated at the time of a mishap. This can typically range from losing valuables and important documents to sustaining an injury while dabbling in adventure sports.

Not being accurate with the form

A number of errors ranging from entering incorrect information to missing out on vital points might come up at the time of filling out the policy form. Bear in mind that in any such issue, the insurer might reconsider the decision of approving your travel insurance claim.

The idea here is to maintain complete transparency with your insurer, no matter what the issue – such as pre-existing medical conditions, if any, or the new dosage that you are being administered – may be.

The truth is that your insurance provider has every right to corroborate information that you have provided. So much so, that the insurer might choose to have a word with your doctor and move ahead with claim rejection should the doctor’s version not tally with what you’ve furnished in the policy form.

Travelling to destinations despite specific warnings

In case you want to visit a place despite the travel warnings issued against it, think again. That is because chances are your travel insurance policy would stand invalid if you end up sustaining damages and/or losses at such a destination.

This 6-point guide should hold you in good stead and pave the way for an easy approval of your travel insurance claim. More importantly, with Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance, like – domestic travel insurance, road trip cover, trek conver and many more, you can now buy affordable travel insurance online and get a wide range of coverage, keeping up with your needs and preferences.

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