Tips for First Time Travellers Visiting London

Planning a London trip can seem exciting and overwhelming, especially if you are visiting for the first time. You are unsure about where to start? When to visit? How long to stay? Which are the best hotels? How to save money and time but still enjoy most of London?

Practical guide for first time travellers visiting London

Choose accommodation in Central London

It is tempting to opt for cheap accommodation outside central London. Unfortunately, you will regret this option soon because commuting in the city daily will cost plenty of time, which you could spend in sightseeing.

Now that you decided to stay in central London, the next concern is which area to choose. Therefore, check London attractions map to determine the location of the hotel. When you research on accommodation options zoom in the map to get more choices and each hotel price.

Determine time to visit

With millions of tourists from all around the world visiting London, you will need to determine the best time to visit. Busiest time is school breaks, bank holiday weekends, as well as July and August. For less crowd and good rates avoid these busy periods.

Never expect to see everything

Never expect to see everything in a 3 to 4-day visit to London. London is vast, so cannot be seen in few days or even weeks. First time travellers can spend 3 to 4 days, which is sufficient to get familiar with the city and see main landmarks and attractions. Never even try to see everything because this can make you feel frustrated and tired.

Book in advance if possible

Planning a tour in advance is recommended. Start with accommodation and flight then end with popular destinations and activities. Advance booking means better choice, low rates, and fast entry [no time wasted in queues]. For example, if tickets for theatre show or London Eye or Madame Tussaud’s is booked online in advance then you get good deals.

London’s FREE attractions

  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Shops
  • Changing of guard

Get more detailed information about FREE attractions on website TripIndicator.

How to get around?

If you plan to stay in London for several days then buy a pass valid for the specific period. It offers priority entrance to major attractions like London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London Zoo and view from Shard. Moreover, you can even use the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour or Thames River cruise.

Fast track ticket will also help you skip long queues at several popular attractions, which don’t approve the pass. Fast tickets can be bought for attractions like St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more.

Visiting London on foot is not practical, as it is huge but its transport system is extremely efficient. Metro is the quick way of getting around because no time get wasted in traffic, so reaching the other side is very quick. Get Oyster card, which is cheap than paying for one ride.

If you have questions regarding food options in London then visit TripIndicator website.

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