Your Next Tour To Elbrus Can Be The Best Tour Of Your Lifetime

All those professional and amateur climber, here is a shout out for you. Just plan a tour to Elbrus to have an experience that you can never forget ever. This highest mountain in Southern region of Russia is a must visit for climbing. This is a dormant mountain which erupted thousands of years ago. Visitors can see the traces of lava still there. Climbers from all over the world just wish to climb this amazing thing at least once in lifetime.

If you are totally naïve in climbing, then please try not to take any risk. The altitudes are high and you also need to do good acclimatization. For your safety and ease, there are highly experienced and trained guides available for the tourists. So, you must contact and get yourself registered with the next group of climbers going high up on the mountain. Furthermore, the following tips could be really helpful for you during your

  1. You must know about this mountain before you visit to climb it. It consists of two summits; the south and west summit. The level of oxygen is very low, which makes the climbers face difficulty in breathing.
  2. The best time of the year to climb Mount Elbrus is the month of July and first half of the month of August. The rest of the year is not good to climb it in anyway. If you will visit during the recommended months, then you can enjoy your experience under bright sunrays and with warm temperature. The weather during this time is somehow predictable.
  3. There are four routes that take you up the mountain. The two main routes include South and North. The South route starts from Azau village and is the easiest of all. On this route you will find cable cars and even the barrels to stay. For amateur climbers, this is the best routed. It will take 3 to 4 days to reach to the highest point if you are choosing this route. The North route has historical value as the first climber went from this one. This is a difficult one as there you will not find any cable cars or barrels. So you will have to walk and walk. The other routes that start from East and West are considered to be the wildest ones. Very few people choose them for climbing. If you are a mature, experienced and professional climber and have a guide with you, only then you should go for these two options.
  4. You need to do acclimatization before you take a start. Take as much time before starting your climb as possible. Drink as much water as you can drink. Moreover, it is also important to take more rest and should exercise less. It is advisable especially for the first two days. And if you are climbing higher and higher, then you must sleep on lower. It would be great if you will take Diamox as well.

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