Things to Look For When Renting a Van

Obviously, there are many rental companies that offer a wide range of commercial vehicles for hire, and with so many out there, you can afford to be a little choosy. Not reading the terms and conditions can cost you dearly, and with that in mind, here are some important points to consider when looking to rent a van.

  • Unlimited Mileage – Some rental companies have a structure in place whereby the bill rises as you add more miles, and such companies typically offer unusually low daily rates in order to attract customers. Whether you are looking to rent a van in Swindon or Marlborough, make sure they have an unlimited mileage policy, which allows you to complete the move without incurring extra charges.
  • Weekend Deals – There are a few vehicle rental companies that will offer a weekend deal, which allows you to take possession of the van on Friday afternoon and it doesn’t need to be returned until the following Monday morning.
  • Additional Services – Some van rental companies offer their customers packing material, rope and blanket for safe transportation, which really does help, as it is one less thing you have to organise.
  • Comprehensive Insurance & Breakdown Cover – This should be included in the rental package, rather than added on at the end of the rental term, so you should check where you stand in the event of an accident or breakdown.

If you take the time to study a van rental contract and know exactly what you are being charged for, the chances are you will be happy with the outcome and can look forward to the bext exciting chapter of your life.

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