Top 5 Amazing River Cruises in India For Your Next Vacation

The ocean is full of mysterious inventions hidden inside. It will be the best place to explore for enthusiastic. Travellers are showing a keen interest in River Cruises, which are gaining prominence. Besides being the hubs of entertainment, these Cruises will be hubs of entertainment and welcome spots. It will be a memorable experience to spend here.

There are numerous Cruises in India that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The Cruise tourism has been uplifted by the Nefertiti cruise service in Kerala and Angriya Cruise service in Mumbai.

Here is the list of top 5 popular River Cruises in India:

  1. Kerala Backwater Cruise:

No one needs an introduction about Kerala Backwater Cruise. Tourists can enjoy the spectacular views and scenic beauty of Kerala by travelling in their houseboat. These boats are equipped with modern amenities and are the perfect place for families and honeymooners.

Cruises are designed so that they offer a wonderful personalized space for visitors. For the esteemed guests, there are luxury Cruises which provides all the facilities like standing showers, exquisite bathtubs, air-conditioned bedrooms. The guests are to be treated with tasty and delicious Kerala cuisines.

  1. Andaman Island River Cruise:

Andaman Island River Cruise is a well known and popular cruise in the world. Archipelago Island is the heavenly beauty in the Bay of Bengal. Travellers can explore the marine life inside by getting deep down into the water. Greece is a well known prominent place in Andaman Island.

This place is a haven for divers and beach lovers. Expert chefs will offer lip-smacking cuisine on this cruise. Havelock is inexpensive and beautiful as well. Breathtaking views of the azure waters of the sea surrounding the cruise ship offer a magical experience. Find here Palace on Wheels route map which shows all the destinations.

  1. Chilika Lake Cruise:

Chilika Lake Cruise is the wonderful place for spotting migratory birds and many species of cranes. This Cruise will starts from Mangalajodi. If you had a stopover at Rajahamsa Beach, you can spot dolphins. There will be no fixed price for the ticket, it can be negotiated.This Cruise will also take you through the Nalabana Bird Sanctuary.

The boats of the Chilika Lake Cruise can provide the accommodation for a family easily. You can visit the Scenic Marshlands and can interact with the locals by visiting the village islands. October to February is the correct time to visit this place. This is a great place for photography and bird enthusiasts.

  1. Dibru-Saikhowa River Cruise:

Dibru-Saikhowa River Cruise is located in the east of Assam between Dibru river and the Brahmaputra. This place is well known for feral horses, a wide range of orchids, numerous migratory birds and Gangetic River Dolphins. This Cruise will entertain onboard, elegant comfort and amazing views.

The food offered will be delicious and it will add to the experience of your journey. Dibru-saikhowa National park is famous here. It is the popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This is the best Cruise for families and couples.

  1. Sundarbans River Cruise:

Sundarbans is the place full of mangrove forests and is the most adorable place on the Earth. Sundarbans River Cruise will take you through the Malta River, narrow creeks and Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. You can see Kingfishers, herons, wild hogs, deer, white-necked kites, Salik birds etc here. The Cruise will start from Gokhale.

It provides all the facilities like a massage parlour, Ayurvedic treatment and Gym. All the luxuries amenities like coffee maker, air conditioner, attached bathrooms, internet, fax facility and reading stuff in every room will be provided. Cruising is one of the many strengths of the region and is a popular way to explore and enjoy the beautiful views and wonderful climate of Sundarbans by travelling through the India’s Palace on Wheels which offers World-class facilities.

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