Essential Facilities Your Cabins Must Have For A Luxury Vacation

Planning a rustic vacation is a rare luxury that every urbanite should consider to de-stress from the mounting hassles of everyday work stress. The commune with nature can only be made better if you choose vacation rentals with just the right feature that gives you the chance to unwind without compromising your convenience and the access to modern appliances even when you are in the heart of a natural vacation scene.

Pigeon Forge is one such amazing destination, a pristine mountain resort vacation spot that offers a rich heritage of Southern culture. It offers country music and the invincible Great Smoky Mountains as the backdrop as you count out your luxury vacation days in the lap of the national park while still accessing the number of outlet malls, musical theatre scene and a wide list of options of incredible vacation cabins for just lazing in the lap of luxury. However, you should make sure to choose the right Pigeon Forge cabin for your use depending on the features that are most important for you to make your stay worthwhile. If you are overwhelmed by the many features on offer, here is a list of some of the most essential facilities that your vacation cabin should absolutely possess for it to be worthy of your booking for your next luxury holiday.


This is by far the most essential feature that you should look for when booking a luxury cabin in such a popular tourist destination. The ideal venue should be located close enough to the major attractions like the Gatlinburg Rod Runs or the view of the indomitable Smoky Mountains without requiring you to stay too close to other vacationers in the same region. 

Wi-Fi and connectivity

While this might seem like a very basic facility, it is actually the most valuable in a remote location particularly so close to a majestic hill range. Your luxury cabin should be equipped with consistent Wi-Fi and network connectivity so you do not have to dash around the town to get your incredible vacation snapshots uploaded immediately to your social media followers.

Enough rooms to accommodate your entire family

If you are at Pigeon Forge to spend some quality time with your entire family without the hustle and bustle of the city, you need your cabin to allow for that uninterrupted quality time. Having to accommodate within a small cabin will only add to your inconvenience. As such look for a minimum of 4 bedroom cabins in pigeon forge that offer all basic amenities, classic view and private parking facilities to ensconce your entire family in the midst of nature for your entire stay.

Added luxury features

A luxury vacation is incomplete without incredible food and features that just invite you to laze around in bliss. Look for rentals offering hot tub facilities, wellness facilities that offer a full range of massages, and spa features outdoor features to arrange for impromptu BBQ or picnics with the backdrop of the incredible Great Smoky Mountain National Park. You can also look for specific features such as a business centre and the availability of fax or meeting facilities, especially if you are arranging for a corporate vacation for your office team and require to merge your work with your trip.

Make sure to research specific rules that apply to your customized vacation plans. If you need rooms that allow smoking or pets, make sure to check it personally with the proprietors before you book the cabin.

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