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About Us

Travel Zone brings you the best of travel tips, exceptional tricks and gadgets for your travel needs, dos and don’ts of travelling to various locations and the best destinations around the globe to make sure you make the most out of your travelling experience. We believe in authentic reviews, in depth research and well-deserved locations for our readers.

Travel Zone team has been handpicked by our Editor in Chief, Jerry Thomas. Ever since his childhood Jerry wanted to become an explorer but with nothing left on the map for him to explore he decided to grow up like the rest of the kids around him. He then eventually decided to rekindle his passion for travelling as a hobby and soon enough he was itching to share his knowledge with the world.

Jerry handpicked a team of professional writers and editors to help him with Travel Zone. Travel Zone has been built with a single aim. To help fellow explorer make the most out of their experience. To bring them newest and most thrilling experiences around the world. Each member of the team is an avid traveller and of course, Jerry loves to share his knowledge with other for the love of travelling and exploring.

Tips and Tricks section has the best trips and trick based on various travel zones across the globe to help you survive through every aspect of your adventures and ease your vacations. The section aims to cover easy DYI things one can easily handle themselves to ensure they are making the most out of their vacations.

Our destinations are selected and reviewed based on hundreds of opinion polls and surveys before the make it on the list. Our writers go to extensive lengths to ensure that you receive no nonsense information on various travel zones and destinations. Our zones are based on continents providing you with a clear hierarchy to dig into your desired destinations.

The Dos and Don’ts section brings you the insight on various cultures across the globe to help you ease into your travelling experiences. According to one survey, the dos and don’ts section has helped various users understand the culture they are walked into and avoid troubles due to simple misunderstandings.

Gadgets and Tools, Our team takes pride in our gadgetry and tools section that brings you authentic reviews on which gadgets to buy for your travels and what tools can help you in various different situations you aim to experience during a particularly adventurous vacation. The gadget section is not just for adventure lovers but brings every item of ease for our readers that may enhance your destination vacation experience.

Last but not the least, we take pride in our careful reviewing system where users can comment and challenge our posts on the social media comment board available with every article on our website. The commenting system allows us an extra line of review on the information our writers have gathered, but to err is only human. We constantly update our information based on our user reviews.

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