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The LGBT community is expanding around the world, and places that were off limits before are now opening their arms widely to this community. Gay travelers don’t need to escape to an island to have a good time. There are now destinations that they can visit to have fun. Here are the top gay-friendly destinations of today. So check...
Weirdest Hotels
You’re tired of staying in luxurious hotels which offers you the same thing during your accommodation – a room with a great view, probably on top of the city or a presidential suite which has all the necessities a tourist could ask for. Yep, it's getting boring over time. For your next trip, you’re planning to stay in a...
You and your friends are planning to travel next month. Most of them are already discussing on things such as what to do in the destination, where to eat and where to stay. Of course, you’re excited to go with them, but you just have one problem – you are on a tight budget, and you’re scared your activities...
Woman Traveling
Are you planning to travel alone? Years ago, the thought of a woman doing would get more jeers than cheers. Safety would be the primary concern for many. Chances are your family might dissuade you will all sorts of news clippings and stories. But even with all, that's going on in the world to date, traveling by yourself can...
It's still months away until Valentine's Day. But if you don't plan on celebrating another Christmas holiday or New Year's Eve alone, then pay attention. We highlight the top destinations for singles looking for love. The question now is, how far would you travel for love? To give you a better chance at romance, we feature destinations according to personalities....
Scariest Places
You’re fond of watching horror films, but most of the time, you don’t believe how a setting could get as terrifying as it is predicted on the film.  You think that all of these are purely the creation of the producers and no such thing exists. They’re just depicting this fictional location for the sake of creative content. Sorry...
Switzerland is a perfect destination during winter because of the plentiful supply of snow which makes it so ideal for lots of winter activities such as hiking, skiing or climbing. Being known to have the cleanest air in Europe, Switzerland has much to offer. Winter season in Switzerland starts in early December until early April with temperature ranging from +4...
Culinary Destinations
One of the purposes of travel is to experience new things. So, why not make the experience a tasty one by heading off to one of these culinary destinations. Numerous places throughout the world are home to some of the best and distinctive cuisines you can imagine. If you're a foodie or even if you're not, the chance to...
Asian cities
Asia is the largest and most populous continent of the Earth. It is the home of almost half of the world’s population with 50 countries that is why it has lots of varieties to offer. Get ready and pack your things for here are the best Asian cities that are worth checking out. Asia is a continent that offers something...
When the heat of the summer is just too much to handle, we tend to plan to go to the beach. Most of the time you go to the nearest beach in your area. But if you are in for some unusual and unforgettable beach experience, you may want to take it up a notch. The world is full of...




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