Going on a vacation? In this time and era of the digital age, going anywhere without your gadgets is unthinkable! Agree or not, we are very much dependent on our devices, and seeing that we have made a list of 7 gadgets that every traveler should have while traveling for a better and comfortable experience.

  1. Portable Battery

Your phone is probably the most important gadget in your arsenal. While traveling you may not have enough time or outlets to charge your devices and this is where a portable battery comes in handy.

It will keep your phone and other essential gadgets alive, allowing you to stay connected to the world. A good battery pack should last you 2-3 full charges, you can even use it to charge some other gadgets like iPod or Tablets. Portable battery is a good investment; something you should buy in good quality to use while traveling.


  1. A Good Quality Camera

A camera has always been the must have gadget for a traveler. How else are you going to capture amazing adventures you are having? In this world of constant connectivity, good cameras are an even bigger necessity for posting on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

A lot of cameras now come with Wi-Fi connectivity option by default, allowing you to upload your pics to the cloud on the go. In addition to the sharing factor, you want to capture moments that you may never get again, making a good quality camera a must-have while traveling.

  1. A portable HDD or SSD

You need a place to store all your photos, music, movies, etc. And a portable storage device will let you do that easily. An external HDD can easily be connected to your laptop for easy transfer, or if you are not taking a laptop with you, these can connect to any PC and let you transfer files in and out for safe keeping.

An essential to back up your pictures and other data to keep them safe and secure, portable HDD is definitely a worthwhile gadget to have for traveling. Get a portable storage with USB 3.0 or greater and you’ll be transferring files at lightning speeds.

  1. Digital Luggage Scale

What is a vacation without shopping? And shopping mean extra luggage to carry back. While there is enough weight capacity when traveling by air, you still need to be careful and not carry extra in your bags because it will cost you. To avoid paying at the airport for luggage that exceeds your allotted limit, a digital luggage scale seems like an obvious choice while traveling.

Get a digital luggage scale, just attach it to your luggage and lift and you’ll get an exact weight measure. Small gadget, but really useful; will allow you to move things around, and redistribute your stuff before you get to the airport.

  1. A good set of headphones

A good set of headphones can help you get through the parts of the travel that are not so exciting. Tune you out the world and relax where you’d otherwise be sitting monotonously for hours to get to your destination.

Get yourself a good headphone to pop on and listen to something interesting, maybe an audiobook or podcast or guide about the place you are visiting or just plain music. You won’t regret it.

  1. Smart phone

Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays, but if you are a traveler you need to have something extra, a normal everyday smartphone won’t do in this, a traveler’s smartphone sees more war than normal daily usage.

Get a smartphone that is at least waterproof, and probably also dust proof, this will save you from ruining your smartphone if you get wet, or get in the rain, or beach.

  1. E-readers/tablet

If you are a reader then going on a travel without a book is almost impossible. Paper books, however, would put you to test; which one to take, which one to leave? Taking a paperback book can also cause havoc on your luggage due to the extra space they would take. And that is why an e-reader, iPad, or android tablet is essential to haul thousands of books with you without putting yourself through the test.

Buy a Kindle if you’ll be reading a lot outside or if you don’t want the extra of Android/iOS tablets. These can store thousands of books in them for offline usage, and if you have the internet on the go, you can access millions of books around the world, making it a good investment.

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