You and your friends are planning to travel next month. Most of them are already discussing on things such as what to do in the destination, where to eat and where to stay. Of course, you’re excited to go with them, but you just have one problem – you are on a tight budget, and you’re scared your activities during the trip will be limited. Travelling with only a minimal budget is difficult, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have as much fun as everyone else. If you’re still hesitant on how to travel (and enjoy at the same time) while on a tight budget, you may want to consider these points:


  • Airplane Tickets – plan in advance your trip and search online for visit discount sites to have the best deal for your tickets. These sites might charge you a fee (around $5 to $10) but they can combine flight segments from additional airlines which in total, will give you a better deal.
  • Connecting flights – yes, it can be tiring but booking your trip in connecting flights will actually allow you to save more. Consider its pros and cons first before entirely brushing off the idea. Have your friends understand also your situation so you’ll still take the flight together.
  • Travel light – airlines are charging different fees whenever you bring a lot of luggage. Price and condition vary per airline but to be sure, travel light. Only bring things which are necessary for the trip to avoid paying additional fees in the airport.
  • Consider round-trip ticket – when searching tickets online, compare the ticket price of a one-way trip to a round-trip ticket. Most of the time, you can save if you book a round-trip ticket.


  • Plan your meals – research for possible restaurants in your destination. Details such as price and menu are usually posted online. Compare which ones are cheaper without compromising the experience you’re supposed to get.
  • Cook for yourself – this might be a new experience for you, but with your friends, it can be fun. And it allows you to save a lot too!
  • Avoid breakfasts from the hotels – unless it’s included in the accommodation, don’t buy breakfasts from hotels. Chances are, it’s way too expensive for a meal that’s too simple. You can take a few blocks away from the hotel to get your morning fix, and you’ll never know, you might stumble upon the local favorite.
  • Eat more lunch than dinner – lunches usually cost less compared to dinners. Keep your stomach full during lunches and have light meals during dinner. Not only will you save, but it is a lot healthier also.
  • Don’t eat in tourist areas – these areas are easy to spot as tourists would flock to it, but you should not be one of them. Prices of foods in tourist areas are usually 20%-50% higher since most tourists are not aware of the local prices.


  • Staying in a smaller town – just because the tourist spots are not in this town, doesn’t mean it’s no good. Remember, the smaller the town, the cheaper the accommodations cost. You might want to consider these areas when planning where to stay.
  • Vacation homes – if you are staying in a destination for more than two days, look into vacation homes as these are cheaper compared to hotels. They can still offer you comfy rooms.
  • Ask for referrals – do you have a friend who has visited the location you’re planning to visit? Ask him for referrals in where you could have cheap accommodation.


  • Avoid taxis and use public transportation – although it’s the easiest way to get from one point to another, taxis can cost a lot. You might want to use the bus or subway (or any public transportation that the locals have) when going through places. Not only will you save but you can experience the culture of the locals.
  • Night train and flights – if you’re traveling for long hours, consider traveling during the night to save money on accommodation. It might not be the best place to sleep, but once you get to it, you can surely get a good night’s sleep – even if you’re on a train or airplane.
  • Walk around – if your next spot is just around the corner, consider walking rather than taking any other transportation. You’ll not only save, but you’ll also have the chance to go sightseeing and take great pictures of the city.


  • Consider the currency – consider the exchange rate when you travel. This can make a lot of difference in your budget. So before planning anything, check how much your budget would amount to your destination.
  • Getting cash – not all exchange centers have the same rate so make sure you get the most out from your money. Search the internet for good places to exchange your money to the local currency.

To conclude

Never be scared to travel just because you’re trying to save. No matter where you plan your next vacation, there will always be ways to save. You just have to resourceful and creative. And don’t worry, you’ll still have an unforgettable trip even if you’re on a tight budget.

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