Fine dining is quickly becoming a thing of the past with new and sometimes cringe-worthy dining areas emerging every other day. Though most of these daring yet crazy restaurants are quite expensive, yet, those who enjoy a meal in one of these restaurants claim the prices are well worth the experience. Without any ado, let’s see our list of crazies.

  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Maldives is well known for its luxurious hotels, one of which is the famous Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. In 2005, “Crown Company” thought to build something unique and astonishing and the idea of constructing a hotel five meters (16 ft.) underwater in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in the Republic of Maldives was put forth.

Made entirely of glass, it has a capacity to dine 14 people at a time. An amazing experience to dine underwater along with the fishes, turtles and other sea creatures, the restaurant is indeed one of a kind. Some lucky people can also have a view of sea horses and sharks as well. The food offered here is fresh. One can go swimming and diving there. It is so pleasant to have fishes of various colors around you while diving. It is a bit expensive but a day spent here is totally unforgettable.

  1. Snow Castle of Kemi

The “Snow Castle of Kemi” is another one of its kind restaurants. Re-constructed entirely out of ice every year, it is the biggest snow fort in the world. It was first made in 1996 in Kemi city of Finland and attracted 300,000 visitors in that year.

Each year it is rebuilt with a new theme and reopens for the public to visit. It has tables and chairs which are covered with the fur of Reindeer. For the meal, visitors are served with fish, vegetables, lamb, and soups of various kinds. It also has a chapel, a hotel, a restaurant, kid’s playing area and a theatre. Ice exhibitions take place with lights and sound effects. The whole castle is decorated by the local artists using local stuff.

  1. Dinner In The Sky

Considered as one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, the philosophy behind Dinner in the sky is to have a restaurant service in different cities using a crane to raise its diners up in the sky.

Imagine yourself dining in the sky at the height of 50 meters above ground. Is not it an unusual? It is designed in the way to provide safety to the visitor. Visitors are not allowed to take anything with them except mobile phone at their own risk. It is just like a fantasy to have dinner in the open air in the clouds with birds flying around.

  1. Toyako Ramen

Ramen is a popular Japanese dish having Chinese style wheat noodles. Toyako Ramen is unique in a way because in the restaurant robots serve ramen for you. The most surprising thing about it is that the meal is ready to be served in just 90 seconds by the robots. There are tables and the people who visit enjoy this exceptional meal served by robots.

  1. Cannibal Sushi Restaurant

Cannibal sushi restaurant is the craziest restaurant in the world. This restaurant is in Tokyo, Japan. This restaurant serves human replicas of diner’s choice with skin made up of dough, insides made up of sushi and blood made up of red sauce. Here, waitresses dressed in a nurse costume cut the stomach area to expose the sushi inside out. The most surprising thing about this restaurant is that instead of eating what is on the body, the dinner’s eat the whole body.

Have you visited any of these crazy places? How was your experience?

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