Top 5 Food Safety Tips While Traveling


Being in another place and immersing yourself in the local culture can make you feel adventurous. No doubt, you feel emboldened to try out the local cuisine. Why not? You’re already there. Moreover, it’s expected when you’re traveling. Plus, it’s a great way to make the most of your trip.

But the question is, can your stomach handle it? People are quick to assume they can or might be too embarrassed to say they can’t. Nonetheless, the last thing you want is to spend the rest of your trip in bed nursing a tummy ache, then going back and forth to the bathroom. Worst, you end up in a local hospital in need of medical attention. Keep these tips in mind when traveling.

Tip #1 Hygiene is key

It’s a must to wash your hands before and after eating. Make it a point to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer of a pack of disposable wipes in your bag. Remember, a bathroom or a sink with soap and water isn’t always accessible when you’re traveling.

Tip #2 Check the water before you drink

Water is often the cause of tummy trouble among travelers. When possible, only drink bottled water. However, make sure the seal is not broken. Some destinations in Asia, Central America, and Africa have a reputation for having unsafe water. It’s best to check beforehand the quality of water. You can do this with a quick online search or by consulting a reputable guidebook.

If you want to add some ice to your drink, be sure to check if it’s made with purified water. In general, it’s safe to drink carbonated beverages in cans or bottles. Just make sure the drinks are served to you sealed.

Tip #3 Consider your food choices

While you wouldn’t want to feel deprived on your trip, it’s still best to be cautious with the food you eat while traveling. In the case of raw food, make sure the preparation is sanitary and whoever prepared it wore gloves.

If you’re hankering to try out the street food, then go ahead. But for your safety, eat it at once while it’s hot from the grill. The heat can prevent you from getting sick.

Tip #4 Be cautious of alcoholic drinks

The level of alcoholic content in beer and wine sold in other countries varies. So be careful when drinking. While you might think you’re only drinking the same amount you do at home, you could end up smashed before you know it.

Tip #5 It’s alright to say no

While it’s nice to be adventurous while you’re on vacation, it’s also okay to say no to food or drinks you’re unsure of. It’s not because you consider their food or beverages unsafe or unsanitary. In most cases, it’s because your stomach isn’t used to it. Hence, the possibility of an adverse reaction.

Remember these food safety tips while traveling to make sure you enjoy your trip from the moment you arrive until you get home.

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