Are you planning a trip for your family this coming holiday and don’t wish to spend thousands of cash just to spend an overnight stay? If so then you should make your getaway list now! Spending quality time with your family is one of the best memories you can create with your loved ones especially during holidays. Just imagine the cool breeze and delicacies which you all could enjoy on your trips without spending a fortune.

Here are some amazing places wherein you and your whole family will certainly have the best time of your life, ever!

  1. Yellowstone

If you are into scenery then this is the perfect place for you!

What Makes It Special?

Did you know that Yellowstone is one of the many jewels of America? Just imagine those colored vistas, much loved hot spring and clear lakes.

Summer is usually quite busy here in Yellowstone, however, if you will spend your time strolling down in Old Faithful, then there’s a chance that you may not be able to be a part of that busy place. You will certainly love its 2 million acres of verdant forests with its winding byways; this breathtaking national park is will certainly make your trip more memorable.

You can save a lot if you will spend your night camping out rather than to stay in expensive hotels and lodging. If you have relatives near this place then you can also choose to stay with them especially if you only plan to stay overnight. Don’t worry, you will not be a bother at all.

You and your kids will surely fall in love watching the herds of buffalo as well as those elk and those stout mountain goats. Make sure to have your kids bring some sketchbooks and crayons so they could draw those animals.

  1. Washington D.C.

Everyone loves a trip or two in Washington D.C.

What Makes It Special?

To make your Washington D.C. tour extra memorable then better check out the Smithsonian collection of museums located in the National Mall. You and your kids will certainly enjoy every single thing in that museum from the history of Julia Child and her kitchen to dino skeletons. It is open to both children and adults.

You will also be able to see the White House and Washington Monument and take hundreds of pictures and post them all in your Instagram! There are also tons of cafes and restaurants which you will surely enjoy without spending too much.

  1. Williamsburg

If you love history then better include this place on your list.

What Makes It Special?

You will certainly love and learn a lot form the history of Williamsburg. Just like Jamestown as well as Yorktown, this city has tons of historic sites and stories to share. You and your family will certainly love those reenactments, as well as the rolling woodland hills, and even the ever beautiful 18th-century English architecture.

You can also stay in at The Historic Powhatan Resort, for a more historic vacation ever! You will certainly love its hot spring and offered hot tea.

  1. Yosemite

Now if you love adventure and more activities then this is the best place for you!

What Makes It Special?

To make your trip a lot more fun then you should never leave the place without visiting the breathtaking Yosemite National Park. If you and your family are into climbing, hiking, camping and other outdoor and nature activities then better include this place on your trip priorities. You don’t have to worry because there are rangers and tour guides who will guide you to take the right trail. They conduct amazing tours a swell which your kids will certainly enjoy.

You can also opt for bird watching and rafting to make your Yosemite stay extra fun. Yosemite is the perfect place for outdoor and nature lovers.

  1. Santa Fe

If you are into horseback riding and mountain biking then this is the place to be!

What Makes It Special?

To make your Santa Fe stay extra special then better hang around with your kids and attend those cool cooking classes, check out the children’s museum and discover more at Harrell House Bug Museum.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash if you wish to make your family getaway extra special. These places above will surely make your vacation a lot more memorable and fun. These amazing places are surefire winners to make your vacation a lot more exciting. Besides, spending time together with your loved ones is enough to last a lifetime.

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