The LGBT community is expanding around the world, and places that were off limits before are now opening their arms widely to this community. Gay travelers don’t need to escape to an island to have a good time. There are now destinations that they can visit to have fun. Here are the top gay-friendly destinations of today. So check it out.

New York, USA

New York is the place where the gay pride movement all began. So wonderful it is included in the list primarily Manhattan. If you will notice; that on every corner, there are lots of gay bars. LGBT community in this city celebrates the famous pride parade called the LGBT Pride March.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv can be seen in the heart of the Middle East.  This place is blessed with white sand beaches and all year round sunshine. But not all that it is also one of the most liberal cities in the world for it offers non-stop 24/7 activities because it is surrounding by lots of gay bars and nightclubs, gay beaches, and even great food. The LGBT community celebrates their Gay Pride week every June.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the prominent cities in Canada where you will also find a large LGBT community. The gay community in Toronto offers a world of arts and culture during their pride week. They have a place called The Village which is located in Church-Wellesley which is the cultural hub of Toronto. The place has lots of theaters, galleries, and gay-friendly businesses.

London, UK

London is a place known to be an open-minded city that’s why it is the home of the most massive gay community in Europe. The Pride London is one of the biggest events that happens yearly where there are LGBT film festivals during the day while at night, the best gay nightlife experience like no other. London’s gay epicenter where you can find lots of gay bars and shops is located in Soho.

Miami, USA

Miami is ever since known to be the most popular and open place for LGBT community and even tourists who are looking for some fun, relaxation, and unwinding. All year round, the beautiful beaches here are full of gay crowds and even bars and nightclubs that are gay-friendly. Miami also celebrates the Miami Beach Gay Pride festival yearly which is loaded with fun and colorful parades.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay is known for its conservativeness among South and Central American nations, but with the progress, they became one of the gay-friendly destinations of today. It is the first Latin American country that legalizes same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Though it is a gay-friendly place, they don’t allow excessive PDA so be careful.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid like Chueca is also known as one of the big cities that have a significant gay community. You can find lots of gay bars, shops, restaurants and hotels in every street and corner. Gay marriage is legal in this place, so if you are in the LGBT community and thinking of getting married to your partner, then this is the right place.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one gay-friendly place because it celebrates the biggest annual LGBT Pride celebration in Asia. It offers a one of a kind nightlife experience because of a dozen of gay bars, nightclubs, and saunas. Same-sex marriage is still in progress, and if ever it gets approved, Taiwan will be the first Asian country to legalize it.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is a place known to be a honeymooner’s paradise. It has lots of beautiful beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and hotels that welcome even same-sex couples. Recently, they have a gay bar and cocktail lounge called Mares that opened its doors for the LGBT community by placing a rainbow flag. So, after getting married, go no in this beautiful gay-friendly place.

Paris, France

Paris is well known to be a city of fashion and lots of beautiful things, so it is not shocking to know that is one gay-friendly destination. It has a substantial LGBT community, and it’s the first city to have an openly gay mayor. It only shows that equal rights are highly practiced in this place, and discrimination is out.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is known to be a safe and welcoming place for gay travelers. The Auckland’s Pride festival is one of the most significant events in New Zealand. They have a spectacular parade with almost 50 floats and a day filled with galas, parties, and workshops. It’s a day filled with fun, music, adventure, and celebration. This is also a place where they accept same-sex marriage.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It may be the home of New Nordic cuisine and lego but what made history is being the first nation to recognized registered same-sex couples. No wonder why it made it to the list of the gay-friendly destinations. It is where you will also find Europe’s oldest gay bar named Centralhjornet. Aside from that, it’s known to have lots of cocktail bars which most LGBT events that is why it’s considered a gay-friendly place.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the largest town in South America and Brazil’s economic hub.  Aside from those, it is also known for celebrating the most prominent gay pride celebration. During its festival, gay bars feature a variety of shows that every gay traveler will enjoy. It has also lots of gay-friendly hotels to accommodate and welcome the LGBT community with open arms. This is indeed a place worth checking out.

Todos Santos, Mexico

Todos Santos is a place that has lots of gay-friendly inns, boutique hotels, and guesthouses. It has spectacular overlooking views that every gay traveler would love especially if they want a place to unwind, relax or seeking adventure. Aside from those, it is also a place where you can find the best varieties of food. It has lots of restaurants to choose from which are gay-friendly, so it’s worth checking out.

Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam is also considered one of the openly mined cities in Europe. People living here have a tolerant attitude towards different lifestyles because as what their favorite saying goes “Live and let live.” This is the reason why lots of gay travelers are attracted to this place. They celebrate the Amsterdam Pride during the first week of August which is done yearly.

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