Are you a fan of thermal baths? Soaking in a hot spring is something that everyone should try out. It relieves stress and tiredness which can make you energized after. Here are the most beautiful hot springs around the world so keep reading.

Saturnia, Italy

When it comes to hot springs, this is well known in Italy. It has cascading waterfalls with glorious views which can make anyone relaxed. The temperature of the water is okay which makes it perfect for all day soaking. The entrance here is free, and it is not crowded during weekdays.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This hot spring is one of a kind. It makes you feel that you have left earth and went to a secret paradise. Its waters have a mix of seawater and freshwater. Aside from that, it contains silica which is very beneficial to the skin such as it strengthens, heals and exfoliates it.

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

Takaragawa is known to be one of the best hot springs in Japan. Besides from having a fantastic riverside setting, its waters have healing powers. It can help relieve skin irritation, sore muscles, joint pains, bruises, bad circulation, and fatigue. It has four large outdoor pools so it can accommodate lots of people who want to have a soak.

Banff National Park, Canada

This hot spring is located 5200 feet above sea level and is well known to be a sacred healing place. Its waters are rich in minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfate which are considered useful in healing damaged skin and can genuinely sooth tired muscles.

Cascate Del Mulino, Tuscany

Cascate Del Mulino is the most well-known hot spring in Southern Tuscany. It consists of several natural pools with 99.5-degree warm water. Its waters comprised of minerals that can heal digestive, circulatory and skin ailments. This hot spring is open to the public and its free.

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

The Champagne pool seems to look like it has a mouth of fire. It has a thick rust colored rim which contrasts the turquoise water. It got its name champagne because it appears like a bubbling champagne which is caused by the dramatic efflux of carbon dioxide.

Ma’in Hotsprings, Jordan

You can find this hot spring on the edge of Wadi Mujib. Its waters are hot but tolerable. It is advised to soak in it during the winter season because it cools down the water a little bit. It’s a scenic view because of the waterfall and the resorts surrounding it makes it look relaxing to the naked eye.

Peninsula Hotsprings, Australia

This hot spring pool is just 90 minutes away from Melbourne and is known to be the first natural hot spring day spa in Victoria. Its pools offer private and public bathing experience because of the mineral-rich and hot water that flows. This resort provides different services such as Hamman, sauna and reflexology massage. Nobody could resist the hilltop pool with a 360-degree view which is worth trying out.

Seljavallalaug, Iceland

Iceland is without a doubt is a place where you can find the best hot springs like this one the Seljavallalaug. This is located in the south part of the country where the natural water flows through the surrounding mountains. It’s a pool nestled in the narrow valley where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while soaking.

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

This is another famous hot spring located near Nagano Japan. It got its name Jigokudani from the boiling water and the steam that bubbles out the frozen ground. What makes this place amazing are the cliffs and hostile forest that surrounds it. You can usually see lots of wild snow monkeys that deep into the warm waters and goes back to the forest by night.

Pamukkale, Turkey

This hot spring was used as spa during the second century BC is located 12 miles north of the town of Denizli Southwestern Turkey. Its name means “cotton castle” because the white pools look like you’re in a winter wonderland. But be cautious for its water temperature ranges from 35 to 100 degrees Celcius.

La Gruta Hotsprings, Mexico

La Gruta hot springs is one of the best natural springs in Mexico. The hot water gushes from a tube high in the wall coming from a dark rocky cave. You can reach this place by getting through a tunnel and at the end of it, you will see the chest deep and steamy hot water.

Arenal Hotsprings, Costa Rica

Arenal is an active volcano which has been calming down for quite some time. This makes travelers the opportunity to take a visit on the hot springs located in that area. There are many kinds of resorts around, and all of them offers the best experience ever. An underground geothermal river heats the hot springs in this area.

Aqua Dome, Austria

Aqua Dome is a resort which has 21,000 square foot domes, and each dome is filled with different temperatures, salt content and water dept which suits everyone’s needs. You can find this beautiful Aqua Dome hot springs in Austria. It is definitely the place to relax for the whole family.

Blood Pond Hotsprings, Japan

This hot spring is extraordinary because the color of the water is red. It got its color because of the high content of iron and magnesium in it. This place is known as the bubbling hell or ponds of hell. Blood Pond is one of the eight “Hells of Beppu” meaning that there are more hot springs in that area with different color and composition.

Glenwood Hotsprings, Colorado USA

Glenwood hot spring is located near Aspen, Vail and in the town of Denver Colorado where it is known as the home of amazing hot springs. Glenwood Springs is a tourist favorite because it is one of the largest pool of mineral water. The water temperature ranges from 93 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit. What people love about this place is that soaking in it for a couple of hours can relieve many kinds of body pains and stress that is why it is called a therapy pool.

Strawberry Park natural Hotsprings, Colorado

It is another one of Colorado’s best natural hot springs. The water temperature in this area is around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water content is rich in minerals that has lots of benefits to the skin and body. It’s definitely a place to unwind with the whole family.

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