If you’re looking for the next destination where you and your kids can have a good time, Adelaide is the perfect place to be in. The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in Australia. This place attracts people from all over the world. The locals are lucky to be living so near these attractions. If you’re planning to visit Adelaide, here are fifteen of the most fun-filled adventures you can do there with your children.

  1. Morialta Conservation Park

Morialta Conservation Park

It’s Adelaide’s most famous picnic and walking spot with many attractions like rugged ridges, seasonal waterfalls, gully scenery, etc. The falls are at their best during the winter and spring season. A wide range of wildlife and birdlife is present here. The afternoons are the best time for you and your family to observe the local flora and fauna. The park also offers a playground and different hiking tracks that your kids will surely enjoy.

2. Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula

The beautiful coastline of Yorke Peninsula offers you and your family a variety of activities. Here, you can surf, swim, snorkel, dive, fish, soak in the sun, windsurf, ski, or just paddle in the shallows. The most famous and beautiful beach here is Sultana Point which is situated just past Edith burgh.

3. Local Adelaide Beaches

You can enjoy endless activities like beach cricket, sandcastle, dip in the sea, and a walk on the quay with your kids on the most beautiful, yet unspoiled city beaches of Australia. Some of the favorite family-friendly beaches in Adelaide are Grange, West Beach, Henley, and Semaphore.

  1. Fleurieu Peninsula

A perfect beach for families offers you great local shops, bakeries, and cafes. It is a perfect spot for weekends where you can either go to Yankalilla or visit the amazing whale center in Victor Harbor. Every winter, you can witness southern right whales near the shores.

  1. Adelaide Zoo

It’s Australia’s second largest zoo with pandas being the main attraction amongst other various animals. The zoo offers many fun-filled activities like sleepovers, meet-the-keeper day and various night events.

  1. Adelaide Museum

The museum has been making Australia’s cultural and natural heritage engaging, accessible, and fun for more than 150 years. This most visited museum in Australia is a place where families can learn together about Australia’s colorful culture and history.

  1. Adelaide Hills Region

One of the prettiest places in the world is Adelaide hills region. You and your kids can visit different places such as Birdwood’s National Motor Museum. Your kids will surely enjoy the gourmet food galore at Hahndorf, the enchanting German settled town.

  1. Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

This garden is a part of Botanic Gardens of South Australia and provides visitors a wide range of recreational, educational, cultural, and scientific facilities. This garden is a major attraction of Adelaide with more than 1.8 million visitors every year.

  1. Kilda Adventure Playground

This award-winning playground offers various fun-filled activities for both adults and kids. The major attractions include Marina and Boat Club, St. Kilda Mangrove Trail, Tramway Museum, and an Interpretive Center that features a boardwalk of 2-kilometers.

  1. Orphanage Park

This park is set in a historical orphanage and is fenced, has sun shades and toilets. A favorite place of many to have fun with their kids, it has tables and chairs for your picnic, a barbeque, a bike path, and car parking. It is equipped to entertain people of different ages.

  1. National Railway Museum

This is the country’s largest railway museum that represents all the railway operators on three major rail gauges used in Australia. The best thing is that you have access to cabs and elegant carriages of various steam engines. You and your kids can enjoy free train rides with interactive and educational displays.

  1. Aviation Museum

The favorite place of plane enthusiasts has a wide variety of engines, propellers, aircraft, memorabilia, and historical displays to view. Here, you can enjoy the memorable events like ‘Open Cockpit’ and ‘Engine Run’ days several times in a year.

  1. Dolphin Kayak Adventures

Enjoy kayak adventures which include exploring the sea caves and watching the friendly seals at Rapid Bay. One of Adelaide’s “secret spot” is the Dolphin Sanctuary where you can view Port River Dolphins.

  1. Mad March

In Adelaide March is known as Mad March and kids love this festival time. Adelaide Fringe festival is the most kids enjoy. So if you can, visit Adelaide on March so that you and your kids can have this wonderful experience.

  1. Barossa Reservoir

Here a whispering wall is present where a whisper made at one corner can be heard at another corner 100 meters away. In Barossa, don’t forget to show your kids the Herbig family tree.


These are just the 15 most fun-filled adventurous activities that you can enjoy with your kids in Adelaide. There are many more waiting for you to be explored. Planning to visit Adelaide? Which among these 15 attractions are you looking forward to visit? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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