Why a Yacht Wedding is Perfect for Intimate Ceremonies

For couples who want to make their wedding a one-of-a-kind affair, consider having it on a yacht. These luxury vessels are tailor-made to host weddings with onboard beauty spas, private chefs and bridal suites. 

The Venue is Yours

Yacht weddings offer a unique opportunity to say your “I do’s” in a stunning one-of-a-kind setting you simply can’t find at a local park or beach. The sunset, the open water, and the sparkling bridges at night make for a magical backdrop that will be unforgettable to you and your guests. If your guests are prone to seasickness, consider adding information to your invitations about ways to help prevent it, such as taking motion sickness medication and focusing on the horizon. This will help your guests feel comfortable and confident attending your big day.

Use nautical-inspired décors such as ropes, anchors, seashells and oars to bring your theme together. Add a touch of romance by using wreaths that can be displayed on the bow of your boat.

You Can Capture Magical Photos

A yacht wedding provides you with endless opportunities for amazing photos. For instance, if you plan to have your ceremony and reception on a yacht, you can capture gorgeous shots of iconic bridges.

Likewise, if you plan to get married in a tropical destination, you can take incredible pictures with the stunning turquoise waters as your backdrop. Check out https://adventuressluxurycatamaran.com to learn more about the best offers a yacht company may provide on your ideal wedding. Moreover, many yachts and day boat rentals have onboard photographers to help you capture the perfect wedding photos. In addition, some yachts feature unique photo props, such as life rings that depict the vessel’s name to provide you with plenty of options for magical photos. These are a great way to capture a memorable moment of your wedding day and will make a wonderful keepsake for you and your guests.

You’ll Have a Relaxed Environment

If you’re hosting a small wedding, your guests will likely feel more comfortable and happier than at a big event. They will have more time to get to know each other and enjoy the day without worrying about being left out of conversations or overwhelmed by a large group.

To make everyone feel even more at ease, you can provide a welcome bag for your guests upon their arrival. This can include items to help them stay hydrated and comfortable (e.g., sunglasses, sunblock) and important phone numbers for emergencies.

A wedding cruise is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. You can have your ceremony and reception on the same boat and treat your loved ones to a night they’ll never forget.

You Don’t Have to Move Your Guests

A yacht wedding offers the advantage of keeping guests from moving between a ceremony and a reception. This can be particularly helpful if you have a tight budget or want to host an intimate wedding.

Remember that most boat venues have a maximum capacity limit, so keep your guest list short and only invite people who mean the most to you. This will help you stay within your budget as well as prevent putting pressure on family members or friends to attend when they may not want to.

Also, remember that most vessels have limited wheelchair accessibility and narrow corridors with steep staircases and high thresholds, so be prepared to accommodate elderly or disabled guests. Plan accordingly by coordinating transportation logistics and providing detailed instructions for carpooling.

You’ll Have More Space

A crewed yacht allows you to design your wedding on a budget that works for you. This is especially true when hosting an intimate ceremony. You may decide to nix certain traditions that don’t mean much to you and your partner or cut costs on decorations that must be moved from the ceremony location into the reception venue.

Smaller weddings make budgeting for details like these DIY oar guest books easier. They’re a beautiful way to display your guests’ signatures and add an ocean theme perfect for a yacht wedding. You’ll also have more table space to display other decor and family photos.