About Us

We are going forward. We fall. We get up. We fall again. But we believe it. So we continue to walk … farther and farther … so our life comes to an end. So is my resume.
Hello to your reader. My name is Piotr, I am from the USA of Polish origin expatriated in his country of birth, Poland. More precisely in Wroclaw in Lower Silesia … I am not a globetrotter carrying the beard like Robinson Crusoe. Probably because my frivolous beard does not wish to darken my face harmoniously… I’m not a globe-trotter without ties here and there but a blogger traveler for almost 4 years sharing his stories and adventures. I travel mainly in a backpack, not because I am exclusive and I have a phobia of suitcases but because I find it more practical. In pants or in shorts, with my backpack, the better I am.

From blogger traveler to adventurous blogger

Looking back, it’s fun … when I told my family, my friends, Magda that I wanted to try the adventure with this travel blog. Trying to live, finally, let’s be honest, to survive … I was taken for a madman. I have to be a little … It could not be serious. I could not be serious! … try to live with your passion, live your dreams and not dream your life. However, more than 3 years have passed and I’m still there … so when I launched the challenge of 7 summits, after a meeting in New Zealand, I was also watched with big eyes … a few more treks late, Kilimanjaro behind me and Elbrouz on the way, things have changed … since then, I even launched an outdoor blog and trekking to share with more details tips and stories about my new passion.

What more can I say … I do not like to show my face because I like the pictures and stories that inspire ( like the one about travel now and leave alone ), not the personal photos. I do not think my trance beautifies the cliché, whether jumping, wincing, smiling etc … so I avoid, most of the time, to share it. I do not consider myself as a pro photographer (enlightened amateur will we say). Regarding the photo, my best article, the one that inspires me a little hint of pride is in my opinion, the one on the cormorant fishermen of Xinping, China. I always make too many misspellings because I forget to read again so if something burns your eyes reading, mention it to me, I will be happy to correct myself.

No, I do not see myself doing anything other than what I am currently doing (blogging and traveling) … it makes me happy. Money, necessary, but enough does not matter to me. I take a long time to digest a trip … do not be surprised to read articles of the months (see years) after my return. I am sometimes asked how to become rich with his blog. ahah … if only I had the recipe. In short … so I wrote some useful (and free) articles about this for those who wish to embark on a travel blog.