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Become A Guest Contributor

Do you love writing tales of your travel and vacations and want to contribute to the blog as a guest contributor? Our audience would love to hear stories of your tours around the globe or around the country; however, before you share your story, we have few guidelines for you to follow to make the process easier for you and us.

If you are interested in sharing your story then please take a moment to go through our guidelines below.

Pitch Your Post

Before you write for us, we’d like you to pitch your blog idea to us. Send in your post idea and the direction it would, take along with the title of the post for us to review. We’d review your pitch and give you a go to write it.

Guidelines For Writing The Guest Post

  • Every article/story you submit should be authentic and has never been published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Submitted article and stories should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Include at least 2 free to use images you own or royalty free images along with your blog. If you don’t have any images, let us know we would add them ourselves.
  • Any part of your article shouldn’t be copied from the internet. Your article will be rejected if your post is found to be copied in part or whole from the internet. Give credit where necessary.
  • Every post/story you share should be well-written and informative and help our audience learn something new. Write with a purpose in mind and be as clear as possible.
  • Every article should have a definite purpose to guide and inform the audience.

Pre-requisites To Become A Guest Blogger

Before you become a guest blogger at Travel Zones, read our blog to understand what kind of content we publish.

  • Write your blog while keeping the audience in mind. Our audience comprises of all kinds of people ranging from amateur to serial travelers to people who are looking to travel in near future.
  • Be descriptive while writing. Don’t just write an account, in fact, tell your story to engage, and inform the reader. Recount your experience so that reader takes away something useful after reading it.
  • Give your post an interesting title that explains what the post is going to be about as well as catches the audience’s attention.
  • You can add your links in your bio, so avoid adding personal promotion links in the post.

Submission Guidelines

Send your articles at martha@travelzones.net along with a short 150-word bio and a clear headshot. Your bio can include links to your social media profiles and blog if you have any.


We hold the right to reject any article that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines we have mentioned above. Send in a well-written post with proper grammar and without any plagiarism, and spelling mistakes.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest contributor at Travel zones. We and our audience look forward to reading your travel essays, articles, and stories.